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This listing is for 20 Trident Ancho Hot Pepper seeds.  Non-genetically modified seeds, fresh for 2021.  These are our extra FEDCO seeds for this season.  We buy in small bulk lots, use what's needed for family, friends, and small co-ops, then sell the remainder at a substantial discount for growers.  All seed lots have been tested for viability.  This variety has been trialed from several sources to ensure the selection of the best strain.  100% success in the northeast.  All extra seeds are professionally packaged and labeled.  FREE USPS First Class shipping to the lower 48.

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64 days green, 80 days red ripe.  F-1 hybrid. Spear yourself a winner with the 3 prongs of beauty, flavor and productivity.  These relatively mild hot peppers combine heat with sweet rich flavor in their thick flesh and ribs.  A staple in southwestern and Latin cuisine.  Known as Poblanos when green and Anchos when dried, they are used for roasting, stuffing, making Ancho chili powder, and sauces, especially the classic mole.  Extra-large, uniform, glossy, dark green fruit are mostly 2-lobed, flattened, and tapering (3½ X 6”) with a recessed stem.  Matures to a deep brick red.  Good vigor and extremely productive, the fruits maintain their size over multiple pickings in a wide range of soils and climates.  Tall plants may require staking.  250 - 1500 Scoville units. 

My hands are always into a lot of different pots.  Among the figs, maple syrup, fruit trees, garden, and figBid, I'm a chili chef.  If anyone ever has the opportunity to compete in a chili cook-off please do it.  It's easy to do, a lot of fun, and a great family activity.  My family competed for many years.  We never made it to Vegas but we were able to tie for 2nd place in the New York State competition and get onto the winners' table in various categories in others.  So I know chili.  🙂  Chili is like a religion to some people.  I'll never give away our own secrets but will tell you the Ancho plays an important role, not only for a great chili; but the BEST chili!  When it's done right the flavor is off the charts.  You don't even have to be a pepper-head to enjoy a good Ancho.  They're mild and go great with lots of dishes.  Trident is new this year and it's a good looking pepper.  We're cutting back on Bell's and adding a few to the garden.  Who knows, maybe we'll be in the winner's circle again.  Picture of fruit is not our own but used with permission.  We'll add our own pics later this season.

Start indoors in March or April.  1/4" deep, 2" apart.  Minimum germination soil temperature 60°, optimal range 68-95°.  Set out in early June 2' apart, ion rows 2-3' apart.  Pick first green peppers when they reach full size to increase total yield significantly.  Green peppers, though edible, are not ripe. Peppers ripen to red, yellow, orange, etc.

Saving Seed: Saving pepper seed is easy!  Remove core of the fully ripe pepper (usually red or orange) and dry on a coffee filter.  When dry, rake seeds off the core with a butter knife.  To ensure true-to-type seed, grow open-pollinated varieties and separate by 30 feet.  Use only the first fruits for seed; allow only 3–4 fruits per plant to grow and remove all others.  Fewer fruits = larger seeds = greater seed viability.  Later fruits often have germination rates of only 60%.

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