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10 FIGPOPS - Rdy 2 Go - just wet, insert cutting, and grow! Refresh

Custom Propagation Mix in 8 oz compostable zippy bags

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Offering a 10-pack of ready-to-go Fig Pops.

Each Fig-Pop consists of an 8 ounce, compostable zipper bag filled with around 2.5 cups of a custom propagation media that I mix up myself. I have experienced a 90%+ success rate with fig cuttings, and the only time that I lost a cutting was when I did not use a well-aerated, freely draining propagation mix. This custom propagation mix has the additional benefit of providing excellent structural stability to the roots as they develop since nearly 90% of the mix is made of porous minerals. Most of the ingredients are reusable if you'd like - simply rinse, sterilize, and add a little bit of bark fines / soil conditioner to bring the organic content of the mix back to around 10-15%.

The mix contains:

  • super coarse perlite (note - over half of this mix is a specific, relatively costly grade of super coarse perlite key for aeration, drainage, and durability - it holds an ideal amount of water and air for rooting cuttings)
  • recycled forest products
  • calcined clay
  • pumice
  • lava

About Fig Pops: Fig Pops are a popular method for propagating fig trees from cuttings. Best practices and details can be researched at ourfigs.com. To maximize your chance of success, I recommend saturating the propagation mix in the bag and then thoroughly draining away excess water and any dust / fines present in the mix. The mix should be evenly moist but there should not be visible standing water in the bag when you start your cutting. 

Fine Print / the boring stuff:

I am offering the best propagation mix that I am aware of, with which I have had a lot of success rooting fig cuttings. I am offering it here because I believe it can help new and experienced growers alike be successful in rooting fig cuttings. I cannot, however, guarantee success - propagation media is one ingredient in the recipe for success, along with moisture level, temperatures, the quality of cuttings used, and more. 

I will be shipping these fig-pops via the United States Postal Service in Priority Mail flat rate boxes. I will ship most orders within a few days but promise to ship no later than the Saturday after purchase. Once the package is shipped, I will have no control over the time it takes to reach you and I am not responsible if the package is lost or damaged by the postal service.

Lastly, and I hope this part is fairly obvious, cuttings are not included 🙃.


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