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Black Madeira Rooted Cutting Wholesale qty 100

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ProFig Fresno, CA US
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  • Variety Name Black Madeira

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OK So For Everyone that has reached out here you go.

IMPORTANT INFO: This is Wholesale Pricing only. Min Quantity is 50 plants.

50-100 $10

101-200 $9

210-500 $8






   These are upgraded from a standard tissue culture. Rooted from TC they will act like a normal tree. These will grow normal and fruit normal. It is an extra step and very labor intensive. You can see the small cuttings we use in the pics. About an inch long lol! This does not mean the regular TC plant will not fruit or grow normally. This is to satisfy the collector and those that want a guarantee. 


   Ok, so this  is your chance to own the best tasting fig on the planet for CHEAP! 99% of the Black Madeira sellers on eBay and Etsy are scammers! You will not get the true variety. Now, the everyday home owner can enjoy the best of the best for very little money. Black Madeira is a very well known expensive fig.


 In Portugal it is called Preto or Black Fig. When brought to the US it was named Black Madeira. It is a common fig that does not require pollination. It ripens late so shorter growing zones you will need to give the tree a head start.


I want to thank a few companies for there hard work and dedication on this project. Years ago, I approached the owner of Agristarts (Ty Strode) about the possibility of producing an FMV free Black Madeira into the trade. He was interested but had concerns over the amount of virus in the plant. It grew awful! He decided to get an FMV analysis done at Agdia to see how bad it really was. After a week the tests revealed it was absolutely riddled with FMV. Ty and his team decided to take on the challenge and start with cleaning up the tissue. It was very expensive and very time consuming. Using special techniques and lots of patience after a couple years in the making they submitted the final analysis. Agdia gave the thumbs up! It was FMV free! They were finally able to produce a virus free plant. These plants are inside my house with no chance of getting FMV.


So, why is this a big deal? Fig Mosaic Virus has been around for years. It is present in most fig varieties and often causes distorted leaves, spots on leaves and stunted growth in severe cases. The stunted growth is really bad in Black Madeira! The tree on its own roots grows very slowly and has to be grafted onto vigorous rootstock to behave normally. Many people don’t want to hassle with that or have the patience to watch an FMV infected Black Madeira grow. So, it’s a clean slate for Black Madeira and a fresh start. FMV has been eliminated but ALSO can be reintroduced. Mites that carry FMV especially in California are the main culprit. Most states will not have to worry about reinfecting the plant. We are assuming if ones plant does get FMV it will have minimal symptoms at best. Typically plants grow out of FMV and it’s not an issue. These particular plants are in a greenhouse kept indoors and under lights away from any unwanted opportunity. They also will need to be acclimated to the sun. The first set of leaves are still on the plant. More then likely they will fall off in transit or when introduced to the sun. The new leaves are coming in and will be much stronger. These are stout plants. They grow extremely fast and should produce in 1-2 years. They are from cuttings of tissue culture plants. It will be a virus free plant. Some TC varieties are slow to fruit. This eliminates that. No suckers from the base or risk of slow fruiting. 


 They will need love and attention. I would keep out of direct sun for now. Put them in a 1 gallon pot and let them get settled in. Once the pot is filled you can plant. In ground planting I would tread lightly and provide some overhead shade for the hot summer.


You will receive 100 plants 4-7” in a tray.  Some leaves removed for shipping.  Up pot upon arrival. Plants are similar to pic 2-3.

Private msg me for larger quantities 


Profig is a licensed nursery located in Fresno California. We can ship nationwide. Will come with instructions. Buy a bunch why I have them!


Return Policy is 24 hrs no exception. Just reach out to me with any issues. See less