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Organically grown White Adriatic Fig Tree,Own roots, Organic, M to L size fruits Refresh

I rather call it Golden Adriatic, because ripen figs will turn to golden color

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Located in: Hicksville, NY
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White Adriatic(I rather call it Golden Adriatic) Fig Tree, well rooted Own root from last year, just woke up, fruited last year.  from an Organically Grown mature fruitled tree in last 4 pictures, The fruits are medium to large depending on organic or not organic, poted or ground, and the tree's age. organically raised are smaller, pot raised are smaller, young tree's fruits are smaller. figs from my tree ripen in September without any head start or greenhouse in Zone 7 NY. The very first seedling mother tree was bought from a private seller 5 years ago.2nd year fruit in 2022.

All my fig trees grew 100% organically.

the mother tree(the 1st and the last 4 pictures in a 5-gallon pot), fruitlet on each branch. Only have the main crop with medium to large size of figs even 100% grown organically. This fig tree is pretty cold hardy, outdoor raised, but please give it a week to adjust to your local weather after some no sun days in the package during shipping

It is a common type of fig and does not need to be pollinated by the fig wasps

The tree shipped will be the same as the one pictured above. Ship to the lower 48 states.

All my listings offer free local pick-up, so you can save shipping fee if you live nearby.

US Fig growers need to know: CA figs look different than non-CA figs even the same varieties because most CA figs have been wasped by wasps. wasp will add red color on any kind of fig pulp if other non-CA state figs have yellow or golden honey pulp figs, then the same variety will have pinkish or reddish pulp figs, if some varieties have red pulp in other non-CA states, Then same varieties will have deep red pulp in CA state, on top of add red color, wasps also will make more syrup looking than other non-wasp figs even on same tree same branch.

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Buyer have to notice us of any issues within 24 hours of receiving the tree. If it is my fault, I will issue 100% refund after I get my tree back in its original condition.