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CDD Rimada Rooted Cutting

4"x9" treepot

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Greetings !!!

Up for auction is this rooted cutting of Col De Dame Rimada.  This plant is starting to come out of dormancy.  The top and bottom should start to resume growth shortly after being planted up and placed in a warm growing location with plenty of sun.

This is essentially a striped Col De Dame fig.  We all love our food to be beautiful right?  This one is very eye appealing.  I was able to taste this fig late last year and it had that traditional CDD berry flavor that I love. Col De Dame figs can be late to ripen and up here in Michigan, and this one is no exception.  They're still some of my favorites and this one is a must have for all serious fig collectors looking for that beautiful and great tasting fig for their collection.  The fruit checks all the boxes for: Rich, Berry & Jam!  The skin is chewy and sweet.  

My name is Dan Foster.   I’ve been growing figs since 2011 and it’s become a passion of mine that I hope you’ll find to be as rewarding and enjoyable as I have.  My goal when I began this obsession was to grow and taste as many varieties as I can to find the best tasting figs for my area.  Each year I add a few dozen and try to cull a few dozen.   This is still true today.   You can find me on Facebook and the "Ourfigs" fig forum.   As with any collector, all of my figs should be assumed to have been exposed in some way to FMV Fig Mosaic Virus.  When young, figs will often show more severe symptoms, but most of the time many of them grow out of this as long as good growing and fertilizing practices are in place.

You will receive the exact plant that is photographed.  This one is grown in a 4"x 9" Stuewe & Sons Tree-pot along with a professional growing mix.   These pots make shipping and growing cuttings a breeze and are easy to transplant.   It should have a very nice root system and should rebound from transplanting easily.  Once transplanted, I think it’s always a good idea to place the newly planted tree in a shadier location for a week just to make sure it can recover adequately in its new environment.   This is especially true when replanting in a southern location or when the temperatures are above 80.   The Heat and sun intensity can be quite different in Texas for example compared to Michigan.

Some notes on Shipping: 

My growing operation has been inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.  I'm licensed to ship to ALL US states.  However, I will not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Idaho.

I will ship out Sunday auctions by Tuesday and Thursday auctions will ship out Saturday morning at the latest.  The faster your invoice is paid, the faster I can get your plants out.   Please make sure your Figbid and Paypal shipping address is current and accurate.  Combined shipping is available automatically upon invoice with multiple auctions being won through FigBid within the same week.  Figbid combines these automatically, so it's best to wait and pay after all of the auctions you're bidding on for that week are complete, otherwise you will be charged the full shipping charge with each invoice.  

My Guarantee:

Shipping Live Plants is always a tricky endeavor.   I strive to carefully pack and ship your plants with care but, they are live plants, and sometimes it gets hot! If you have a plant that you received and it's not doing well, please carefully unpack and water it.   Place in a cool shady spot and plant it up if possible.   Figs are resilient! Many times figs will shed some leaves as a response to being in a box, but will form new leaves within a few weeks.  If you're plant dies due to shipping stress, I will refund after 30 days.   Please send me photos and work with me on a resolution.   Please take pictures of packaging and plant if it arrives damaged, be prepared to present this packaging to your local post office as part of their claims process.

Striped figs. Sometimes there are striped figs that do not fruit with stripes.   Take a picture of the fruit as it's growing on the whole plant and send it to me.   If the plant has reverted, I will make it right.   I can send a replacement or offer a refund.   I don't expect anyone to pay a high dollar amount for a striped fig only to have it fruit solid green.   Not many others will offer this guarantee, but I understand the beauty of striped figs and also know that they can be finicky.   I want you to be happy with what you receive from me.

Thank you for your support and happy figging!!!!!