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Fig Seeds - Yunnan China - Ficus Afghanistanica Beautiful Leaves - 100 Seeds Refresh

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I am selling fig seeds that I obtained from dried figs I ordered from Yunnan, China.  I have already tested out germinating some of these fig seeds, and they have a high germination rate.  These appear to be Ficus Afghanistanica variety of fig, aka Afghan figs, which are an edible variety of fig grown in China, Afghanistan, and Iran. Beautiful serrated leaves. Please see pictures showing some of the seedlings I have germinated from these seeds.  I believe there is roughly a 50% chance each seedling will be an edible female fig and 50% chance it will be an inedible male caprifig.  I think that it is worthwhile to grow a few male figs in addition to female figs even if one lives outside of fig wasp territory becuase the pollen from the male figs can be used to manually hand-pollinate female figs with a syringe relatively easily, which greatly improves the taste and quality of the ripe figs.    Figs are easy to grow from seed. I have been growing figs from seed for several years now, and fig seedlings usually produce fruit within 2-3 years.  I believe that most of the fig seedlings germinated from these seeds will be Symrna type figs, which require fig wasps pollination or hand pollination, though I suspect that some percentage of the seedlings will also be self-pollinating or common figs.  Each fig seedling is a unique variety that is different from the mother fig, though fig seedlings are usually similar to the mother fig.  For instance "improved celeste" is a seedling of celeste, and is very similar to celeste.  This listing is for 100 seeds. 

Germination Instructions 

  • Soak fig seeds in a glass of water for 2-3 days. 
  • Fill a 1-gallon size pot with potting soil (I use Pro-MIX potting soil with some Pumice added to the soil mix)
  • Pour the glass of water with figs seeds into the 1-gallon size pot with potting soil in it and cover the seeds with approximately 1cm of additional potting soil. 
  • Place the pot in a location that is warm and gets approximately 2-3 hours of direct sunlight per day (fig seeds need some direct sunlight in order to germinate)
  • Water gently once per day, and the fig seeds will germinate within 2-3 weeks.  


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