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2 gal

August 10, 2021 
Breba Crop ripen for me in Seattle, WA
When I first heard of this variety highly recommended to me by Slavi (ourfigs member in Kirkland, WA)
He had been growing this variety for a long time, it was his favorite besides Black Madeira. He grows it outdoors year-round without any protection, unlike Black Maderia. It was so rare three years ago, I had gotten my tree from Slavi. He told me it was very difficult to root. He had to air layer the tree to make a copy.  And, finally, this is my first year the tree fruited. At first, it looks similar to a Violette de Bordeaux. Is the price and difficulty to obtain worth the chase? For me, appearances it doesn't look like VDB, flavor it was a notch higher. If you want just a good fig you get VDB and call it good it's common, easy to obtain, and affordable. If you tasted a Black Ishia, it's a very good fig. I'm happy I took the chance on it. Just make sure you get the real variety because it can be difficult to get the true source. It has both spade leaves ( similar in Black Madiera type) and three lobes. I had picked a leaf in my photo that has had a spade and half three-lobe. It is slow to grow, and dwarfing habit compared to my VDB. I was worried about the FMW this tree is famous for, and in young trees, I notice it a lot more, my oldest tree is extremely healthy with not signs of FMV. I think if you are concern with FMV, you will miss out growing this variety. The FMV can be controlled with proper sunlight, drainage, fertilizer, and watering schedule. 
I rate this 8/10


Fig Mosaic Emaravirus: Please assume all my fig trees have been exposed to FMV. They may not show any symptoms now but can carry FMV. During stress, FMV can show up. I cannot guarantee my plants are free from FMV. However, with proper care, they will grow out of FMV.

Photos: some of my plants during winter will have no leaves when dormant. I usually update new photos in April when leaves come back. If you would like before you buy you can message me to take a photo of it before you click to buy. In the winter tree may be prune to remove any dieback. I don't always have my phone with me to snap a new photo when I happen to trim it. The tree could look a little different from the time I took the photo to the time you buy since my listing are buy it now prices and listed until sold.

Fall to Early Spring Shipping Option: I ONLY SHIP BARE ROOT, the fig in the listing is in a pot, but when you receive it, it will not have a pot. You will not receive a potted tree as pictured unless you picked up in person. Most extra soil will be removed and the root will be wrapped in a ziplock/plastic bag and secured (and no I don't wrap the roots in a moist towel). I usually do a partial bare root, meaning simply removing excess soil, I don't do a full bare root meaning I don't wash the roots to be completely free of soil. Partial or full bare root will depend on the tree when I see it.. I'm unable to show you what the roots look like before I bare root. I don't bare root the tree until I actually ship the tree. If there are ever any issues when you receive it please message me within 24 hours of receiving the package with photos or video I will try my best to help you. And, please plant it into a pot or in-ground as soon as you receive it. And, in Early Spring it will leaf out. 

Spring to Summer: As my dormant trees wake up I will stop offering to ship. And I will be turning off my shipping option. I think Around September/October when the trees start to go dormant the shipping option will be turned back on for bare root shipping.

For local buyers coming to pick up, the tree will be potted and not bare-root. please message me before click to buy If you pick up in person I will remove the shipping cost. Bare root will be for shipping only. after payment please message me to schedule and time and date to come to pick up in Renton, WA thank you

About my plants: I use Miracle Grow Organic Potting mix and use Dr. Earth's best organic fruit fertilizer during spring.

Combine shipping discount: meaning two or more plants per box. Usually one fig per end of the tube box. Discount is automatically applied to invoice once you add everything you want. please see my other figs listing here:


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