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5 cuttings of 5 species. Fast Growing, Biomass, Peach Leaf, Golden and Weeping.

Willow groves are more than just clusters of graceful trees. They are vibrant ecosystems teeming with life and purpose. Willow groves are a testament to the beauty and complexity of nature. They offer us a haven, a place to connect with life.


—Structure: Slender trunks, intertwining branches, and deep, tenacious roots.
—Habitat: Sanctuary for birds, small mammals, and insects.
—Water purifier: Leaves absorb pollutants from air and water.
—Erosion prevention: Roots bind the soil along waterways.
—Provides shade and shelter.
—Filters sunlight and purifies water.
—Supports diverse wildlife.
—Prevents soil erosion.
—Inspires creativity and contemplation.


Fast Growing (Salix sp) - a hybrid that is the fastest growing of all my willows.  6 - 12 feet a year on fertile moist soils, tree form to 40'

Biomass (Salix sp) hybrid willow bred for forage production, yellow branches, beautiful large trees to 60'

Peach Leaf (Salix amygdaloides) small tree to 50', conical and upright form, native in prairies

Golden (Salix alba vitellina) 40-65' tall at maturity, forming either a single trunk about 1½-3' across or developing multiple trunks. The crown is relatively open and irregular. 

Weeping  (Salix babylonica) - full size tree to 60', lush hanging foliage


Driftless Sacred Grove is a no spray organic nursery in zone 4 Wisconsin dedicated to PARADISE GARDENING. Primary focus is on seedling fruit and nuts that are truly zone 4 hardy. Pet projects include trialing 90+ varieties of figs for ripeniing in the length of a WI season; 5th generation of a Siberian C true zone 4 hardy white peach; and selecting localized genetics from our 2 pawpaw patches and a grove of butterheart nuts.


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