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Hello, like most of you, I am a fig enthusiast. I have hundreds of trees that are all organically grown and meticulously cared for.


I am unlike some of the other sellers you might find on FigBid, I am not here to make a business/living out of selling my cuttings and trees. Rather, I choose to sell my fresh, healthy organic cuttings at some of the most reasonable prices you will discover on FigBid.


So, here is why these prices are so reasonable.

As most of you may know, the main crop only grows on the new growth. So, after my beautiful trees go dormant, I prune all of my trees to promote new growth the following year… in order to get more figs. With all the time and care that goes into growing these trees throughout the year, I do not have the heart to just dispose of the clippings by tossing them into the trash after pruning. I rather offer them to you so that you too can experience the joy of growing and eating many different delicious varieties of figs. My prices mainly cover the packaging and labeling materials, in addition to the time/labor of selecting, cutting, labeling each cutting, packaging your order and delivering your package(s) to the Post Office. Here is a great opportunity, at a low cost, to start or expand your fig collection. 


You will find, when you begin the process of propagation with the FRESHEST of cuttings, you will experience a much greater success, from the beginning stage up to the time you have a "viable tree". This is why your cuttings are FRESHLY selected from the "mother" tree right before shipping your order. Each cutting will be at least six inches long, will have at least three nodes and the diameter of a #2 pencil or larger 


After receiving your cuttings, it is highly recommended to start your propagation as soon as possible. After receiving your cuttings, you may place your cuttings in the refrigerator. Yet, there is a greater percent of success if you reduce the time from the receipt of your cutting to starting your propagation.

My recommendation is, before beginning your process of propagation, you soak and wash (with soft brush like nail brush) your cuttings with a hydrogen peroxide solution/bath (one part 3% HP + nine parts H2O). Even when cuttings are cleaned before shipping, they can start to grow bacteria and mold (that is unnoticeable to the naked eye) during shipping. Almost all forms of shipping create an environment (dark + moist) for growth of bacteria and mold. One of the greatest causes of propagation failure is the the rotting of the cutting before it has a chance to "root" and thrive. Cleaning your cuttings insures for your greatest percentage of success.

Cuttings are shipped via Ground Advantage USPS

I only ship to the continuous 48 United States

Join our friendly group of fig lovers on Facebook where we talk about growing and caring for fig trees in zones 5a - 6b          https://www.facebook.com/groups/253947976350021

All of the cuttings you purchase will be selected and freshly cut after you place your order. They are then wrapped in cellophane and put in zip lock bags before packaging for shipping. In most cases I get your cutting ready for shipping within 24 hours. At times, when the orders are numerous, it may take an additional day to two.

Please note as per United States Postal Service: "New on July 9th, 2023 USPS is merging First Class Package and Parcel Select Ground and renaming them Ground Advantage. The way those services work remains the same, they're just changing the names."

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Thank you for your purchase. I wish you great success with your fig propagation. My goal is that you share in the joy that I have experienced with growing these varieties. If you believe, for any reason, you have not received the cuttings as they were described in this listing, I will gladly refund your purchase price (minus shipping costs). The Return Policy is good only within the first 24 hours after receiving your cuttings. To initiate the refund, please send me a message within those first 24 hours. I will then return your message confirming your request. Then you will simply return the cutting(s) and I will refund your purchase price once I receive the "return" package. Please note that there will not be a refund of the original shipping cost(s) and/or the "return" delivery cost.