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Tena Fig Cuttings

Overview: Introducing the Tena Fig – a classic Mediterranean variety cherished for its exceptional flavor and ease of cultivation. With its delectable fruit and robust growth, the Tena Fig is a valuable addition to any garden or orchard.

Growing Information:

  • Approximate Fruit Size: Tena Figs produce medium-sized fruit that's perfect for enjoying fresh or using in culinary creations.
  • Growing Zones: Tena Figs thrive in USDA Zones 7-10, making them adaptable to various climates.
  • Mature Height: These fig trees typically reach a mature height of 10-15 feet, providing a graceful presence in your outdoor space.
  • Mature Width: With a mature width of 10-15 feet, they offer a substantial canopy of lush green foliage.
  • Sunlight: Ensure they receive full sun exposure, with at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day.
  • Spacing: When planting, maintain a spacing of 10-15 feet between trees to encourage healthy growth and adequate air circulation.
  • Chill Hours: Tena Figs have a moderate chill hour requirement, making them adaptable to a variety of regions.
  • Growth Rate: These fig trees exhibit a moderate growth rate, striking a balance between vigor and manageable growth.
  • Pollinator: While they are self-pollinating, having another fig variety nearby can enhance fruit production.

Fruit Information:

  • Harvest Time: Expect to harvest sweet and succulent Tena figs in late summer to early fall, a delightful treat for your taste buds.
  • Years to Bear: With proper care, Tena Fig trees can start bearing fruit within 2-3 years of planting.

Why Choose Tena Fig Cuttings:

  • Exceptional Flavor: Savor the sweet and honeyed taste of Tena figs, a Mediterranean favorite.
  • Reliable Growth: Enjoy the ease of cultivating these robust and hardy fig trees.
  • Abundant Harvest: Experience a generous fig harvest once the tree matures.

Add this exceptional fig variety to your collection and savor the delights of Tena Figs.

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