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This is a listing for a variety pack of fig cuttings from my personal collection. Each of these varieties have been acquired from trusted sources. Figs from each variety have been confirmed. You will be receiving cuttings similar to those in the images. I guarantee at least 3 nodes per cutting.

This pack is great for anyone starting a collection. It offers a broad range of flavors and an extended fruiting range since some of the varieties are very early and others are late.

The variety pack consists of 1 cutting for each of the following varieties:

1. Smith (1X): This is a must have variety for anyone growing figs. The texture of the fig is jammy and buttery, with figgy flavor and pronounce tones of berry and honey. This fig is very productive. In my location (Upstate NY) I start to have ripe figs in early-August, which means they have prime conditions in terms of heat and dry weather. The tree is a virous grower and set a lot of fruit, the fruit do continue to ripen for an extended period. 

2. Perola (1X): This is a new variety that I acquired and had good results in my growing zone. The figs are small with green color and yellow hue. The figs have a small eye.

3. Beer’s Black (1X): This is an excellent variety, it has a breba and main crop. The breba is one of the best I have tasted. The main crop is also exquisite, a top Boudreaux berry type. It is a mid to late season fig, the breba ripens in mid-late July. The main crop ripens in mid-September. No greenhouse head start needed. The figs have a rich wine color, exceptionally beautiful.  These are medium size and have a complex, sweet, buttery, unforgettable flavor that rivals any of the other sought after great figs.

4. Chicago Hardy (1X): This variety is well known and widely available. At time the variety is unappreciated specially when being compared to some of the top cultivars. However, let's be clear, Chicago hardy is great in many aspects. The figs are juicy, sweet, and have a little acidity. The tree is extremely productive and can be stablished within two years. In my opinion this is a workhorse, a tree that one should have for its great figs and plentiful yield.

5. Yellow Greek (1X): There are multiple “honey” figs in my collection. However, the one that comes closest to tasting like actual honey is this variety. When the figs are collected at peak ripeness they taste like a blob of honey, the texture is very soft almost like jelly. The tree is very productive and sets figs on an extended period. The figs are small and have a subtle beauty.

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I am a long-time seller at FigBid with multiple years of experience growing figs. I only sell varieties that I have fruited and confirmed. I can trace all my mother trees to top growers and nurseries in the US. Cuttings are collected for each variety at a time, and immediately cleaned and labelled. You can trust that you will be receiving the right variety. Please buy only from trusted sellers and avoid being sold low quality cuttings of unknown origin, the effort it takes to grow the plant and the years of investment do have a value.   

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