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Oak St Unk - Early Ripening Adriatic Type Refresh

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Growing in nursery grow bag.

Plant bag with tree  No shock or stress

Last pic example of roots growing thru bag

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Lower 48 states only

A little-known local gem (Greenville, NC), this tree grows in the yard of East Carolina University students who come and go each year. The tenants change but the tree remains. Many people stop along the sidewalk to pick fresh fruit from this tree, which is located in the residential neighborhood adjacent to campus. It is perhaps Greenville's best kept secret. The original planter is unknown but I am following up on additional leads to learn more about the history of this fig. It appears to have been planted around 2013, maybe slightly later, but has grown massive despite not much southern sunlight in less than 10 years. I layered multiple large plants off of this original tree to add to my private stock. All sold cuttings come from those layers, not the mother tree, so supply is limited!

This is an unknown Adriatic-type fig that I find to be very delicious and worthy of sharing ASAP. It is a sweet, but not too-sweet fig that tastes overwhelmingly of berry, with an excellent seed crunch as well. The skin is thin and is presumably the source of the faint sweetness. The pleasant and distinct berry flavor lingers on the palate for quite some time after consuming, persistent even after traditional palate cleansers. The figs range from a 25-cent piece up to a half-dollar in size and the crop is substantial. The flavor is of a very concentrated, pure strawberry, with a moderate nutty seed crunch. The skin is tender and sweet; with no splitting noted. There has been no souring detected in any fruit and from all available indicators, this appears to be an early-ripening adriatic -- the earliest that I've seen so far, at the very least!

This is a common-type fig which is vigorous. I mean VIGOROUS. Think of the most vigorous tree you've seen. Now double it.

This discription is used by permission from  " theolnyshaft"  FigBig member.

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