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Robert's Golden Rainbow Fig Tree- aka Ben's Golden Riverside-Grown From a Cuttin Refresh

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Highly prized and sought after vareity. This fig originated from a tree grown by a member of the California Rare Fruit Growers Association living  in Rainbow, California. It’s flavor is a complex blend of strawberry and kiwi. This prolific growing fig produces large sized fruit which start ripening in September. The fruit starts out bright green, turns a golden yellow and finally ripening at a light purple color. It’s pulp is a rich honey amber color. Originally referred to as Ben’s Golden Riverside, the name was changed to Golden Rainbow to avoid confusing it with another variety called Golden Riverside from UCD. This is a common fig needing no wasp.

This variety was sourced from OurFigs forum member Eric, (Evdurtschi).The first two photos is the actual tree being sold. This tree has been grown from a cutting started at the end of November. Please note this tree is sold from the East Coast and is currently not effected by the Black Fig Fly spreading thru California. While cuttings sold from California are not effected, the BFF larva can be found in the soil of the potted trees. More information on the Black Fig Fly can be found on the OurFig  Forum.

Bidding is open to the lower 48 states only. I do not ship to Hawaii, California or Alaska. NO international shipping. The trees are shipped in soil so know your states agricultural restrictions. More information on this variety can be found on the ourfigs forum or the figs4fun forum mobile website. I am DaveL on the forums

*****I will do my best to protect the tree during shipping, however, I recommend someone to be home for delivery or arrange with your post office to have your package held for a pickup at the post office.  Please gradually introduce your tree to sun, wind or temperature changes. I deliver trees directly to my local PO to ship.******

In an effort to control the spread FMV by various mites, I have treated my trees with neem oil spray as a fungicide and with the spinoza Monterey Garden Spray as a miticide. Both are recommended for organic gardening. However as a precaution, I recommend that you isolate all new trees and plants from your collection for a short period of time to insure no issues. It is not unusual for fig trees to exhibit mild FMV.

***** Buy more than one tree and save. For every two trees purchased from me, the second tree ships for free, any variety.  Do not make payment until I adjust the invoice.*****



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