This section was developed to help new and veteran growers alike.  There is tons of useful information and it is constantly being updated with new material and topics.  This page will serve as a table of contents with links to the articles.  If you'd like to see an article about a topic that is not here please let us know.


Growing and Care

Buying Fig Trees

  • Buying Fig Trees and Cuttings from the Internet - This is a buying guide that I wrote for eBay in 2014.  When figBid went live in 2017 I took it down, updated the information, and posted it here.  If you are new to buying fig trees and fig cuttings online please take a few minutes to read this article.  You won't regret it.
  • Be a Better Bidder - How to Bid and Win any Internet Auction  - This is a great how-to article for bidding.  The article goes beyond regular bidding fodder and describes in-depth bidding strategies to put you into the winner's circle.

Rooting Fig Cuttings

  • How to Root Using the Fig-Pop Method - A Comprehensive step-by-step guide to the figPop method (rooting-in-a-bag) with tons of pictures and links to videos.  This is a very easy-top-understand guide to rooting fig tree cuttings.


  • Grafting and Budding Nursery Crop Plants - Grafting fig trees is not hard.  Here's a comprehensive but easy-to-understand guide to grafting fruit trees, published by North Carolina State Extension and posted here with permission.  Lots of pictures.  This is a great guide for beginning fig grafters.
  • The Four Flap Graft - Also known as the Banana graft.  This is a great method for new fig grafters.  Very easy to accomplish and has a high success rate.  Not covered in the grafting guide above.  This method is popular with pecan growers and the graft featured in the article was done on a pecan tree.  The explanation and pictures are excellent and will definitely benefit fig grafters.  The article was written by Larry A. Stein, Ph.D., Regents Fellow, Associate Head Professor, and Extension Horticulturist, Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M University, and is used here with permission.

Potting Mix

  • Container Soils - Water Movement and Retention - In-depth and easy-to-understand article describing every element for a healthy potting mix.  Written by Al (Tapla) Fassezke.  The article includes original recipes for 5:1:1 and 5:1:1:1 potting mixes that most fig collectors use today.   The best ever written on the subject.  Also includes links to other articles written by the author about The Basics, How Plant Growth is Limited, Help Dealing with Water Retentive Soils, and Fertilizing Containerized Plants.


  • Gnatrol® WDG Q & A - Complete Q & A covering all the bases for fungus gnat control and using Gnatrol WDG.  Touches on fig trees but not fig-tree specific.  For specific instructions on using Gnatrol WDG around fig trees please see the instructions below.  Great read!
  • How to use Gnatrol® WDG to control Fungus Gnats around your fig trees - Fig tree instruction sheet for using Gnatrol WDG to control fungus gnats around fig trees.  This instruction sheet comes with your order.

Selling & Shipping Fig Trees and Fig Cuttings

  • Grow to Ship - How to Calculate Shipping Costs for Fig Trees & Cuttings - Having a hard time figuring out how to ship fig trees?  This up-to-date, in-depth article explains how to save time and money using economic methods of growing fig trees that are geared for shipping.  It's a long read but very easy to understand.  The article covers everyone from the home-grower shipping one tree to nurseries shipping one thousand.