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This listing is for 1g of Dukat Dill Seeds.  100% non-genetically modified seed.  These are our extra seeds from this season.  We buy in small bulk lots, use what's needed for family, friends, and small co-ops, then sell the remainder at a substantial discount for other growers.  All seed lots have been tested for viability.  This variety has been trialed from several sources to ensure the selection of the best strain.  All extra seeds are professionally packaged and labeled.  Free USPS First Class shipping to the lower 48.

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Like everyone else in the US, we grew more than usual last season.  Our raised beds were busting at the seams!  Seed companies are calling it pandemic gardening.  I don't particularly like the moniker but I am happy people have either discovered or getting back to gardening.  It's a wonderful activity that brings you closer to the earth and family.  No one can raise an argument against it.  But, even after sharing our crops (neighbors and friends shared back with us, too) we had a ton of stuff leftover and a fair amount of cucumbers.  It seemed like we received 3 cucumbers for every cucumber given away 😐.  And this was in addition to our own pickling cucumbers.  So what do you do when life gives you cucumbers?  You make pickles, of course!  Dill, sour, half-sour, sweet, hot, extra-hot, sriracha, Old-Bay; we made a LOT of pickles!  Here's a bit of advice from what we learned last season; buy canning jars right now, buy canning jars right now, buy canning jars right now, buy... I think you get it.  Besides gardening, there has been a resurgence of canning and preserving and canning jars become scarce toward the end of the growing season.  Also, grow some dill.  If your reading this far please don't hesitate.  Our farm is in the middle of an agricultural area near Oneonta, NY and we couldn't find a lick of dill when the time came.  We finally located some at a farm stand and had to beg them to hold a few bundles for us.  Dill is very easy to grow and Dukat is a great variety for both in-ground growing and planters.  More than pickles, dill can be used as a spice either fresh or dried, garnish, added to yogurt dips, soups, potato salad, bread, and so much more.  Dill is also beneficial for the rest of your garden as it attracts predatory insects.  Those are the good guys!  So even if you're an urban gardener please don't hesitate to buy a packet.  You won't regret it.  Pics in the listing are from our supplier and used with permission.  We'll update with our own in the middle of the growing season.  Good luck!

From our supplier:

Dukat dill seeds produce dill with a particularly fine bouquet and flavor.  The darker-than-usual leaves are excellent fresh or dried.  Dukat has exceptionally large seed heads.  Dukat is the variety to grow for homemade dill pickles and can be grown in a large container in full sun.  This dill stays relatively short at 18-24".

The structure of dill's flowers is known as an umbel. Thus dill is considered an umbelliferous plant.  Other umbellifers include carrots, cilantro, fennel, parsnips, and Ammi.  All of these plants are attractive to predatory insects such as lady beetles, Syrphid flies (hover-flies), lacewings, and tiny parasitoid wasps.  Organic gardeners are encouraged to grow dill precisely to attract these beneficial insects, for they will control pest insects like aphids, thrips, whitefly, and the caterpillar of the Small White Butterfly (cabbage moth).

Easy to grow.  USDA Zones 2-12.  Direct sow May to August, or sow in June, when cucumbers are transplanted, to coincide maturity for pickling.  Dill tends to bolt if transplanted, so it's best to direct sow in moderately rich soil, pH 5.0-7.0, in full sun.  The optimal soil temperature for germination should be 60-70°F.  Stagger your harvest by sowing every 2-3 weeks for a constant supply of fresh leaves.  Seeds should germinate in 10-21 days.  Dill seeds need some light to germinate. Sow seeds no more than ¼” deep in rows 18″ apart.  Thin the plants to stand at least 6″ apart.  Water and feed regularly.  To prevent issues with mildew forming on the leaves stop overhead watering once plants are 24″ tall.  Begin harvesting the tasty leaves once plants reach 6″ tall.  About 12 weeks after sprouting the seed heads begin to form.  When the first seeds have turned brown, cut the whole head and hang it upside down for the drying seeds to fall out into trays or paper bags.  Dill leaf loses most of its flavor when dried, so freeze it in ice cube trays filled with water for use all winter.

Dill improves the health of cabbages and other Brassicas and is a very good companion for corn, cucumbers, lettuce, and onions.  Dill attracts ladybugs, lacewings, and the parasitoid wasps that feed on garden caterpillars.  At the same time, it repels aphids and spider mites.  Avoid planting near carrots and tomatoes.

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