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This listing is for 25 Carrot Bomb Hot Pepper seeds.  100% Organic, non-genetically modified seeds, fresh for 2021.  These are our extra FEDCO seeds for this season.  We buy in small bulk lots, use what's needed for family, friends, and small co-ops, then sell the remainder at a substantial discount for growers.  All seed lots have been tested for viability.  This variety has been trialed from several sources to ensure the selection of the best strain.  100% success in the northeast.  All extra seeds are professionally packaged and labeled.  FREE USPS First Class shipping to the lower 48.

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74 days to maturity.  Open-pollinated.  An explosion of round 1–2" shiny bright tangerine baubles blow up the pepper patch on sturdy 2–2½' plants.  The heat is comparable to a mild jalapeño but will vary with weather conditions.  A bold spark in salsas, kebabs, stir-fries or the pickle jar.  5,000–30,000 Scovilles.  Selected from Bulgarian Carrot by Daniel Brisebois of La Ferme Coopérative Tourne-Sol. Independent Breeder.

Carrot Bomb was discovered and developed by Daniel Brisebois.  The history is interesting as the variety comes from Bulgarian Carrot Chile Peppers.  The following interesting article was written by Daniel Brisbois and it explains the origins of this hot pepper gem:

The Secret Origin of Carrot Bomb Peppers

Posted on  by goingtoseed

I wrote this for this week’s Tourne-Sol newsletter. I thought it was worth posting here too.

This is a story about bees and how unexpected things can be exciting.

Way back In 2006, when Tourne-Sol was just a young farm, I grew some Bulgarian Carrot peppers.

Bulgarian Carrot peppers are about 3 inches long and almost an inch wide. They look like a bright orange pointy cayenne. They are a great hot pepper.

But one of the Bulgarian Carrot pepper plants we grew was not like the others. The fruit were squatter and stockier but still a bright orange.

And as I do with anything that looks different in the garden, I saved the seeds!

Why did I save those seeds?

There are two reasons why things might be different in your garden.

  1. The seed company mixed up two types of peppers by accident. Or,
  2. Some bees brought pollen from another kind of pepper and pollinated the mother plant that produced the seed that grew into this strange Bulgarian Carrot pepper.

When I saved those seeds from a different fruit, I was hoping for #2.

Cross pollination is where the magic begins. Cross pollination is where new vegetables come from!

In this case, I was well rewarded, this different pepper was a new thing.

The way I knew I was right, is that the next year I grew the saved seed and saw the fruits on each plant were different from the fruits on each other plant.

In a situation like this, if there is fruit you like, you can save the seeds but the next generation will also give you a lot of diversity. However more plants will look similar to the mother plant.

If you want something that will reliably give you the same thing, you need to keep saving seeds from the plants that look the way you want. Every generation will look more like the previous generation. (Unless of course the bees come and mix things up!)

For the last dozen years I have been selecting some of these fruits based on the following criteria

  • Round fruit
  • 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter
  • Vibrant orange fruit
  • Sweetest fruit
  • Earliest mature fruit
  • Heaviest load of peppers per plant!

And that is the secret origin of Carrot Bomb peppers!!!

Sow seeds indoors, 1/4" deep, in a warm location.  14-28 days to germinate.  Transplant to fertile soil in containers or hedge 20" apart, at least 3' between rows, in areas with full sun in the spring. 

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