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This listing is for 1/16th ounce, of Goldini II Zucchini seeds.  100% organic non-genetically modified seed. These are our extra FEDCO seeds from this season.  We buy in small bulk lots, use what's needed for family, friends, and small co-ops, then sell the remainder at a substantial discount for other growers.  All seed lots have been tested for viability.  This variety has been trialed from several sources to ensure the selection of the best strain.  100% success in the northeast.  All extra seeds are professionally packaged and labeled.  Free USPS First Class shipping to the lower 48.

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We were already growing these golden beauties for several years in USDA Zone 5b, Oneonta, NY, before discovering they were Goldini.  We purchased "Yellow Zuke" plants from a small, local nursery one season and they were the best.  They stayed low and bushy and seemed to produce clean, golden zucchini all season long.  We purchased the plants again the following season and had the same results.  On a trip to the same nursery a few years ago we commented to the owner about the success we've had with their golden zuke's and he told us they were Goldini.  When making our order this season we happen to see the same seed for sale and added a few packs to try out.  No worries, we still bought green zuke's from our nursery friend.  Thanks, Mike!

From our supplier:

(55 days) Open-pollinated. In the Pacific Northwest where breeder Carol Deppe lives, this shiny ridged gold zucchini of hers matures at 35 days from direct seeding, “which makes it possibly the fastest germinating and growing and most productive summer squash on the planet, including hybrids,” she declares. Here in Maine, we can expect mature fruit at around 55 days.

Unlike other zukes that are prime at about 8 oz size, Goldini II reaches peak culinary perfection at about 1 lb. More food, less labor! Carol says it’s still good for slicing and drying at the 3 lb stage—she adds them to soups all winter. (Market gardeners may have to teach customers that this bigger size is optimal.) Fruits are relatively uniform, but leaves are diverse in shape and color. This is intentional; the heterogeneity adds to the vigor. As Carol avers, “If you want squash plants that are uniform for traits that don’t matter, grow something else.” She advises harvesting with gloves. “These plants are not open architecture, which requires plants short on leaves,” she says. “Plants grow and yield better if they have leaves.” Makes sense! 

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