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Fig Leaf Sample Sex Test - Find Out if Fig Tree is Male Caprifig or Female Refresh

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This EZ-XY Fig Leaf Sample DNA sex test gives you the ability to know if a fig seedling is a male (inedible caprifg) or a female edible fig before it has fruited.

  • Great for determining if fig seedlings are male or female fig trees without waiting years for them to fruit.  
  • Useful tool for fig hunters who find new fig tree seedlings in the wild, which may not have any figs on them at the time.
  • Each Kit includes an Envelope for the fig leaf sample storage, and a corresponding Numbered Plant Tag. Numbered Plant tag is helpful when testing multiple plants.
  • Leaf samples must be mailed back to the lab for analysis. (mailing instructions included with the kit)
  • Results are then sent to you via e-mail, typically within 5-7 business days after lab receipt.
  • Please see video showing how to take the leaf samples. The video is doing the leaf test on marijuana seedlings, but the process is the same as with fig seedlings.  
  • Works with Ficus Carcia, Ficus Palmata, and Ficus Afghanistanica.  
  • Fig Trees grown from seed usually produce fruit within 2-3 years if planted in the ground or in a 15-gallon or larger size pot.  

I started growing figs from seeds a few years ago, and was searching the internet to find if possible to determine the sex of fig seedlings before they have fruited. I eventually stumbled across a company doing plant sex testing for marijuana plants.  I contacted the company (FarmerFreeman) and asked if they would be interested in developing a plant sex test for fig trees, and to my delight they responded saying that they were interested.  To help develop the test, I mailed them around a dozen leaf samples of fig trees, which were known male and female plants.  Also, I sent them a link to a science paper I found online describing a genetic marker that can be used to determine the sex of of fig trees (please see link below for more information on the genetic marker being used). FarmerFreeman was able to develop a fig sex test, and I have tested 100 seedlings so far (63 females, and 37 males).  I ended up partnering with FarmerFreeman to sell their fig sex test online.  We are keeping track of the number of male and female fig seedlings tested to see if the current ratio of nearly 2/3 female to 1/3 male remains true after testing more seedlings. 



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