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UCR 187-25 fig tree 3g, need uppot 5+ gallon, ships with the pot Refresh

Produces large green figs with red pulp.

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UCR 187-25 fig tree ,From the University of California Riverside fig breeding program, it produces big green figs that are sweet,. Produces 2 crops, the breba is elongated and amber, and the main crop is round and red,

It is outdoor raised, but recommend giving it a week to adjust to your local weather after some no-sun days in the package during shipping, but keep in mind, the outside raised trees are much tougher than indoor trees, but may not look as neat as indoor trees, because they went through lots of winds, rains, dries, wets, hots, and colds, so might have some rusted or damaged leaves, that's normal, newbies should know that, if you want an all-green perfect leaves tree, don't buy from me, you will receive the tree in the picture, Please look at the tree before you purchase, so you know what you will expect.

Most of my figs are sourced from figbid sellers.

It is a common fig and does not need to be pollinated by fig wasps.


Please see my other listings, and follow me, more air layers are on the way!

If you receive a damaged item or are unhappy with the purchase, please message me within 24 hrs first, we will try to fix it.  Sometimes the tree may drop a few leaves and not look great upon receipt. due to the varying shipping environments, please follow my instructions to let the tree acclimate to your area. Most of the trees should rebound back in a couple of weeks. if not, We will try to solve the issue. 

Ship to the lower 48 states.The California buyers are responsible for the risk if the incident happens because of your state law about plants or live fig trees

Instructions: Once received, the plant should be kept in a morning sun-only location for 1 week and then brought out into brighter light for another week. After that, the full sun is best.

The tree shipped will be the same as the one pictured above. 

I buy  & sell some fig trees, so assume all my plants have been exposed to FMV. I spray my plants regularly with neem oil and recommended miticides.  My plants generally grow very well and produce lots of very good fruits.

We ship out our plants Monday, Tuesday, and sometimes Wednesday, to avoid trees staying in the box during weekends.


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Buyer have to notice us of any issues within 24 hours of receiving the tree. If it is my fault, I will issue 100% refund after I get my tree back in its original condition.