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1 Roll Genuine Aglis Buddy Tape Grafting & Budding Film 25mm x 30m (1in x 98ft) Refresh


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Just in time for grafting season and especially for fig enthusiasts.  We've sourced a good supply of genuine Aglis Buddy Tape grafting film.  This listing will get you 1 roll of 25mm x 30m (1" x 98') (1 in x 98 ft) grafting tape.  Perfect for wrapping fig cuttings and all types of grafting at any skill level.  This is the real deal and probably the lowest price you'll find (When price shopping please consider we ship for free).  Ships FREE via USPS Ground Advantage Mail in the US only.  


Please see our other listing for wider 30mm rolls of Buddy Tape.


About Buddy Tape


Buddy Tape contains materials that degrade naturally when exposed to sunlight.  


Buddy Tape stretches many times its original length. The elastic nature of Buddy Tape allows smaller pieces to be used and ensures an extremely tight grip on the bud or graft to keep it firmly in place.  Buddy Tape will expand as the plant grows.   


In its normal stored form, Buddy Tape is non-adhesive.  Buddy Tape becomes self-adhesive when stretched. This allows quick application with no need for tying knots.  


Buddy Tape grafting film contains a wax content to keep it waterproof.  A bud or graft covered with Buddy Tape will not dehydrate.  Buddy Tape is permeable and air can pass through allowing the bud to breathe. 

Complete bud cover

Buds can be completely covered by Buddy Tape to protect from infection and insects.  As the bud begins to grow it will expand and easily pierce the Buddy Tape.  

About grafting fig trees

Fig trees are easy enough to clone by cuttings or air-layering and grafting was never really a consideration.  Recently, increased popularity, rising costs for rare and desirable varieties, and high demand have propelled fig tree grafting into the mainstream.  This translates into healthier trees grown at alarmingly fast rates and more quality figs on the table years sooner than using traditional techniques.  Moreover, fig trees are very forgiving, and novice grafters can learn, easily practice, and master grafting techniques.  But grafting and budding are only a few of the uses for Buddy Tape grafting film.  With its excellent moisture-retaining abilities, Buddy Tape can be applied to the exposed portion of fig cuttings when rooting.  That's right, say goodbye to the humidity bin.  Wrap the top portions of your cuttings and watch the buds swell and easily break through the grafting tape.  Easy enough for pre-rooting or rooting straight-to-pot.  

What size grafting tape should I buy? This a good question. There are two different widths of Buddy Tape available, 25mm and 30mm. You might find lots of technical answers for either size out there and they'll probably be correct. But my novice answer will fit almost everyone. Buy the size that suits you best. 

Grafting is one of the most rewarding gardening and horticultural experiences.  The feeling of joy and pride derived from your first successful graft is indescribable.  And anyone can do it.  I mean anyone.  Please don't think grafting is only for professionals.  Pick up some grafting tape and give it a shot.  Don't worry, some grafts will fail and it happens to everyone.  You'll realize very quickly that your techniques will get better with every single graft.  Some more tips:

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Rooting of Fig Cuttings

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