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My little fig farm is in southern California, and our figs are pollinated by the fig wasps. So, I'm uncertain as to which male fig or caprifig is the father fig of these fig seeds. Please note that the first two pics on this listing are pics of figs that I grew from seed. The first pic is of a 2 year old seedling of White Madeira #1 (unknown father caprifig).  The 2nd pic is a seedling of a Corky's Honey Delight that was pollinated with a Ficus Palmata "icebox" caprifig.  3rd pic is Cherry Cordial fig, and 4th pic is Martinenca Rimada.  

Please send message after you order indicating which variety or varieties you want. 

$12 for 50 seeds

Albanian Black Cherry Fig - 50 seeds
Balkans Grey Fig- 50 seeds
Black Zadar - 50 seeds
Cherry Cordial Fig - 50 seeds
Colonel Littman's Black Cross - 50 seeds
Corky's Honey Delight - 50 seeds
DFIC0023 Palmata Hybrid - 50 seeds
Exotica Strawberry Jam Fig - 50 seeds
Faja da Ovelha - 50 seeds
Feather River - 50 seeds
Ficus Palmata N1 - 50 seeds
Figoin (Bass) - 50 seeds
Iraqi (ficus palmata) - 50 seeds
Izbat an Naj - 50 seeds
Izmir - 50 seeds
Kalamata - 50 seeds
Kesariani - 50 seeds
Kymi (Greek) - 50 seeds
Martinenca Rimada  - 50 seeds
Negra d' Agde - 50 seeds
Negronne - 50 seeds
Pakistani (ficus Afghanistanica) - 50 seeds
Raspberry Latte - 50 seeds
Shirazi (Iran) - 50 seeds
Smith - 50 seeds
Smith/Palmata Hybrid - 50 seeds
Strawberry Verte - 50 seeds
Sucrette - 50 seeds
Unknown Pastillere - 50 seeds
Violette de Sollies - 50 seeds
White Madeira #2 - 50 seeds
White Marseilles - 50 seeds
XinJiang (ficus Afghanistanica) - 50 seeds
Yunnan (ficus Afghanistanica) - 50 seeds
Zafirro #7 - 50 seeds

Zidi - 50 seeds


Fig trees are easy to grow from seeds. Fig trees grown from seed usually produce figs within 2-3 years. While figs from fig trees grown from seed are not identical to the mother fig, they are usually very similar. For instance, Improved Celest and LSU Tiger Fig are seedlings of Celeste fig, and both varieties produce figs that are similar to Celeste figs.

Germination Instructions: Step 1: Soak seeds in a glass of water for 2-3 days. Step 2: Fill a planter with potting soil. Step 3: Pour the water and seeds on top of the potting soil in your planter. Step 4: Place the planter in shady location that receives 1-2 hours of direct sunlight per day. Fig seeds need a little direct sunlight to germinate, but not too much. Step 5: Lightly water them once a day. In 2-3 weeks the seeds should start to germinate.

Now out of Smith seeds

Iraqi, Narragansette, and Albanian Black Cherry now out of stock.

Colonel Littman's Black Cross and Smith/Palmata Hybrid now out of stock

Figoin (Bass) and White Madeira#2 are now out of stock

Negronne is now out of stock


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