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A fig tree is a type of tree in the genus Ficus, which is a member of the mulberry family. Domestic fig trees have a history spanning tens of thousands of years and have been widely cultivated for their fruit, which is called a fig. Fig trees are native to the Middle East and Mediterranean region, but they are now grown in many parts of the world, including all of the US. 

What You Need To Know Before Buying Fig Trees

Before buying a fig tree, there are several important factors to consider to ensure a fig tree will thrive in your garden or landscape. Here are some things to keep in mind before buying a fig tree

Climate - Fig trees prefer warm and dry with plenty of sunshine.  But, generally speaking, an inground fig tree will be happy in USDA Zone 6 and above.  Thankfully, a fig tree will be just as happy living in a container in any climate, and growing fig trees in a container is very easy. 

Space - Having the space to grow an inground fig tree is important.  Inground fig trees can grow quite large with some varieties reaching up to 30 feet tall and wide.   But, if erisque space is limited there’s no need to worry.  Look for a dwarf or compact variety of fig tree, or simply grow your fig tree in a container.  Container grown fig trees are wonderful because the grower gets to control all the action.  Most fig tree collectors prefer growing fig trees in a container to growing a fig tree inground, even in the ideal climate. 

Soil - Fig trees can handle soil types from clay to sandy but prefer well-draining.  A fig tree will not tolerate soggy or waterlogged conditions. Fig trees grown in containers will handle any quality potting mix.  Fig trees also require regular watering, especially during the growing season.  Before buying a fig tree, make sure that you can provide the appropriate soil and water conditions to ensure the fig tree’s health and productivity. 

 Variety - Every fig tree variety has its own unique characteristics.  The color and taste of some figs can vary from one fig tree variety to the next, even if only slightly.  Some fig tree varieties are better suited for certain climates or growing conditions, while other fig trees may produce fruit earlier or later in the growing season. Before buying a fig tree, research different varieties to find the fig tree variety that best meets your needs. 

Pollination - Most fig trees are self-fertile while some fig trees require cross-pollination to produce fruit.  Make sure you choose the right fig tree variety for your needs.  If you have a question about any fig tree you see on figBid, be sure to ask the seller or figBid customer service before buying.  figBid’s customer service is always available to help with your fig tree needs. 

Maintenance - Like all plants, fig trees require regular care and maintenance to stay healthy and productive. This includes pruning and fertilizing your fig tree, and pest control. Thankfully, all are very easy to do.

  • Pruning a fig tree usually takes place in the late winter.  You’ll prune a fig tree for health and shape and not much more.  Some people don’t prune their fig trees at all.
  • Since fig trees are so adaptable, inground fig trees shouldn’t require fertilizer at all.  Container grown fig trees will definitely require some sort of fertilization.  Most balanced or fruit tree fertilizers are more than enough and easy to find. 
  • The biggest pest you’ll have to deal with is a bird or squirrel stealing fruit from your fig tree.  If you’re fig tree is receiving the proper care there will be plenty of fruit to go around so no worries. 

How Can You Find The Best Fig Tree From FigBid?

There are hundreds of fig tree varieties to choose from so having a starting point to help narrow your search is important.  If you’re new to fig trees you should decide if you want a fig tree that is already growing, or, try your hand at rooting your own fig tree from a cutting.  Thankfully, figBid has categories with hundreds of listings for both and you won’t have to break the bank to find great fig tree varieties. 

The ripening time for a fig tree is an important factor.  Until you learn the ropes, buyers should use figBid’s Advanced Search tools to search for figBid sellers who are growing fig trees nearby or at least in the same growing zone.  If those sellers are growing fig trees that are ripening fruit, you will be able to do the same. 

Most fig trees look similar with thick, broad leaves and slender branches.  So, skin color and the taste of a fig are important and most buyers will have a preference of a lighter colored fig versus a darker colored fig.  There are many colors and tastes of fig within that spectrum.  If you’re unsure a good rule of thumb is: 

  • Most lighter colored figs; yellow, gold and pale green are honey flavored.
  • Most light green to green figs have a light to sweet berry flavor. 
  • Brown to light purple figs will have a strong sugary taste.   
  • Red and purple figs will be mostly berry flavored. 
  • Dark purple to black colored figs will have a strong berry flavor. 

These color/flavor profiles are definitely not written in stone but will certainly give you a starting point and help you select and sort through the fig trees offered by figBid sellers. 

Beside knowing your fig trees it’s good to research the seller.  Use figBid’s feedback ratings to help make a determination about a seller.  Read the Item Description.  Google the seller’s username and be sure to ask the seller questions.  If you’re ever unsure or simply have a question about the seller or a fig tree variety, always contact figBid and someone will help you out. 

Why FigBid Is Best Option For Buying Fig Trees?

figBid is the best option for buying fig trees for 3 reasons: 

  • Safety - figBid was founded as the only safe alternative to auction, retail, and multi-vendor platforms where scam sellers, imported fig trees, and fake fig tree varieties are rampant.  figBid successfully polices itself and gives our buyers and sellers peace of mind by keeping the bad guys away. 
  • Selection - figBid is proud to host the widest selection of fig tree varieties and fig cuttings in the market, 24/7 and 365 days per year.  We don’t close for holidays, our selections are always fresh, and we don’t run out of stock.  Shopping figBid’s huge selection is always a breeze. 
  • Customer Service - figBid’s customer service is unparalleled and something you won’t find on any other website.  If you ever have a question, concern, or would just like to talk figs, you’ll find figBid is staffed with experienced horticulturists who understand your concerns the first time, and we’re always here to help.   


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